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18,50 USD

Brand brand-new galaxy shine ring design by isewcute featuring the Mystic Mountain in the Carina nebula from the Hubble area telescope!

A mini galaxy to decorate your finger, this little nebula resin dome ring has actually been handcast in glossy resin. My resin shine galaxy rings are a spectacular homage to how gorgeous area actually is. If you imagine remote galaxies & love space expedition, this handcrafted galaxy fashion jewelry may correct up your street.

This listing is for a tiny dome ring showcasing the Mystic Moutain area of the Carina nebula.
The Carina nebula is app. 7500 light-years far from our home world Earth. The Mystic Mountain pillar measures 3 light years in height & the stars inside the pillar fire off gas jets streaming in looming peaks giving it its special shape.

Size: The ring band is silver plated brass & is adjustable to fit many. The Carina Nebula’s Mystic Mountain dome determines just over a half an inch across.
Kindly message me if you have any questions.

These amazing wayward mini size statement domed galaxy resin rings are packed with tons of various microfine glitters & an image taken from NASA’s Hubble telescope … all handcast in a smooth dome of clear shiny resin with glitter. It’s glimmer is exceptionally eye capturing.

This listing is for the mini Mystic Mountain in the Carina Nebula dome ring revealed in the first 3 pictures above. In the 5th picture, you can see I have a variety of different galaxies available in other styles & impressive eye capturing sizes also!

Stay Sparkly!

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Galaxy Ring, Space Fashion jewelry, Mystic Mountain, Out of this World Fashion Statement Glitter Hubble Image, Modern Resin Galaxy Fashion jewelry

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