Garden Spider Necklace Hand drawn and Etched copper One of a kind made by hand in Austin, Tx- handmade in Austin, Tx by JamieSpinello

95,00 USD

Garden Spider Necklace Hand drawn and Etched copper one of a kind made by hand in Austin, Tx

** Made to Order ** Original one pictured has sold – I will make a one of a kind spider necklace, just for you. This necklace is hand drawn and etched by me. Each is free handed and one of kind.

Etched Copper – Stone shown is & quot; snowflake obsidian & quot ;. I am working on sourcing new teardrop stones to use for this piece. If you have a certain stone in mind please contact me first so that we can discuss the price. Please contact me about working out what stone I will use for your ‘one of a kind’ necklace. Generally I select a stone as close as possible to the one pictured, unless you have another stone preference, in which we would have to discuss first.

This listing is a commission for me to make another one of a kind spider necklace. No two will ever be exactly alike because each is hand drawn (free hand) and etched by me and comes with its own unique stone. I will seek another cuprite stone or discuss another stone option after checkout.

This piece is hand cut using a jewelers saw. 100% handmade and one of a kind!

Size: width of centerpiece is 4 & quot; tall / 2.25 & quot; wide
Shown worn at 17 & quot ;. Adjustable options of 19 & quot; + 21 & quot; available, or longer if desired.

Inspired by a recent conversation I had with someone about orb spiders. Although these guys look intimidating, they are very beneficial to the garden and harmless to humans. Too many harmless creatures minding their own business are killed out of fear. Next time you see a garden spider, please remember that she is a beneficial and harmless and leave her be. They are the guardians of my gardens and I truly appreciate their help.

Production time estimate currently 2- 3 weeks before shipment

I do accept custom requests for etched designs:
Some ideas for a custom etchings would be a family seal, coat of arms, tribe symbols, shaman symbols, dates, personal symbols etc, astrological signs, charts etc. I draw and design the arrangement of the symbols etch, cut and form the cuff. Each are 100% handmade and one of a kind. The etch is very deep so unless it is run over or melted down will last essentially forever and will eventually become an artifact for a generation far into the future to find. You can also order a cuff with animals / plants / portraits but must talk to me first to see if your idea would be a good fit for the etching process that I use. Please msg me to discuss pricing and your custom project before purchasing.

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free hand drawing directly to the plate
sawing out the form from the plate
filing down rough edges
building bezel and soldering to etched form
oxidizing (blackening and applying patina)
sanding (to bring out relief of raised lines)
tumbling to a nice polished finish
setting stone
sealing (to retain oxidation and patina)

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INTERNATIONAL purchases outside of where I already ship are allowed on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss shipping to your country upfront so I can possibly set up a listing for you.

All of my designs are under copyright protection © Jamie Spinello 2014
Registered with the US Copyright Office & gt; If you see an unauthorized site selling my designs please let me know and I will pursue them to the fullest extent of the law & gt; Help Stop Thieves from stealing from artists & gt; Report them!

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