German Dumplings

  • Prep Time: 2 mins
  • Total Time: 4 mins
  • Servings: 2
  • About This Recipe

    “Grandma’s recipe. Eat them with a little butter. Yum!”


  • 1cupmashed potato( don’t add butter and milk)
  • 1egg
  • salt and pepper
  • milk
  • flour( enough to make a sticky dough)
  • Directions

  • Note: Handle dough minmally.
  • Turn onto floured counter and roll into a log.
  • Cut with a floured knife.
  • Use salted water for cooking.
  • Eat them with a little melted butter on them.
  • Yum!
  • Reviews

  • “I made this to recipe but I doubled it. I’m not sure about the cooking time. They started to float within a couple of minutes of going in the water. I tasted one as soon as they started to float and I could really taste the flour, so I decided to wait the 20 minutes as one reviewer said. However, after about 10 or 12 minutes they started to get pretty soft. I took them out after 15 minutes and they were falling apart. I think next time I’ll take them out after about 10 minutes. But, they were good.”

  • “I love these. Here’s a tip for the leftovers. Put them in the fridge overnight to get really cold. Melt some butter in a frying pan, slice up the dumplings about 1/2″ thick and fry in the butter until golden brown. Yum-O!!!!”

  • “As a german major at my local University, and someone who loves to cook, I thought it was time to start learning traditional german recipes.I tried this for dinner tonight-and it was excellent! The recipe is vague, but for good reason-one just needs to add flour, water and salt and pepper when making the dough until it gets to the right consistency.One new at cooking might have trouble with this, but for me, it worked out well.I think I will add more flour next time, but these were great with the rotkohl I had cooking on the stove for almost two hours-very satisfying, and a good texture.I left the skins in the mashed potatoes and thought it turned out well, in case anyone else wants to try that. Lecker!”

  • “Very good…Everyone enjoyed them. I found the instructions a little vague. They poof when they cook, my husband and I both made some and his turned out too big. I think they were done when they rose to the top of the boiling water. I then tossed with onions that I cooked in butter and olive oil.I needed to serve more than 2 people so used 5 cups of potatoes. It made A LOT, and they are very filling. I served with sweet and sour red cabbage. This made a very yummy Shabbat dinner…thanks for posting.”

  • “Wonderful little dumpling. At first I thought the recipe was a bit vague, but I understand that it depends a lot on the potato you use that determines the amount of flour needed. I did double the recipe, but still can’t actually say how much flour I used. I did use 2 eggs though. They came out nice and fluffy. :)”

  • “I have been making this same version for years only we make ours about golf ball sized and drop them into boiling salted water for about 20 minutes.They are great with kraut.The left overs can be fried in butter with salt and pepper or friend in butter with maple syrup on top”

  • “Wonderful comfort food! Me and my family enjoy spatzle, so I wanted to try these potato dumplings and they are really yummy! We will be having these with curry wurst tommorow. Only one question, steve in FL. says he doubled the recipe and used about 1 cup flour, I tried the same but ended up using even more to keep the dough from sticking badly. Is it normal for recipes like this to vary in the amount of flour they use? Can weather(humidity) or the type of potatoes make the difference in how much flour is required? Even so I loved the flavor and I will be making these again and again. Thanks for a simple, straightforward recipe that most anyone can make.”

  • “These are delicious.. I doubled the recipe, using 1 cup flour and it worked out perfect. I tossed the cooked dumplings around in browned butter and bread crumbs, like my Polish ma used to do. I had these with currywurst, recipe #37911. Wow, look what date you posted this recipe, zoiks!”