Glass Tealight Candle Holder Aqua Blue by GailsGlassGarden

24,00 USD

This merged glass tealight candle light holder is used transparent aqua blue glass and transparent clear glass. The aqua blue glass and clear glass were fused individually and then both of them were draped over a type together throughout the shooting process. It determines 4 “in size and is 3 1/2” tall. This candle light holder is big enough to accommodate a contained votive candle light. This beautiful fused glass features a tea light candle light so you can begin to enjoy it as soon as you open it!

This candle holder is among a kind. No two are precisely alike.

This lovely glass piece is heated in a kiln approximately 1480 degrees and properly cooled (hardened) for stamina and sturdiness.

All items in my store are handmade by me in my house studio.

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