Ground Beef with Cabbage

  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hrs
  • Servings: 4
  • About This Recipe

    “This dish is easy to prepare, even kids like it. It’s a family favourite since a long time.My aunt in Germany created it a long time ago.”


  • 500gcabbage
  • 1/2 onion
  • oil
  • 300gground beef
  • salt and pepper
  • 1bay leaf
  • 2carrots, washed,peeled and grated
  • Directions

  • Wash cabbage, core and cut in fine stripes.
  • Dice onions and fry in hot oil until see through.
  • Add ground beef and fry until cooked through.
  • Season to taste.
  • Add cabbage, bay leaf, carrots and some more seasoning.
  • Let simmer until cabbage is cooked, remove bay leaf.
  • Season again if necessary.
  • Serve with crusty rolls, rye bread, rice or potatoes.
  • Reviews

  • “just like Chef Kaydia Ji i served on a bed of mashed potatoes, and with melted cheese on top, for seasonings i used chilli powder, paprika, garlic powder and salt. DELICIOUS me and my husband loved it!”

  • “Easy to make,I didn’t even measure just threw it all together and turned out great. Thanks”

  • “This was wunderbar! I went heavy on the onions and pepper and served it over buttery mashed potatoes. My Mom had the idea of potatoes on bottom and sharp cheese melted over top, like an inside out shepherds pie! You can add just about any spice to this to jazz it up (try peppers and garlic or curry powder, yumm, i’ve already created 5 diff dinners from 1 recipe). also, I didn’t cook it all the way through. I left it tender but firm and picked a bright green cabbage just so it would look pretty. This also goes well with warm crusty bread.”

  • “Great start for a recipe but I noticed it needed more
    moisture so I added 1/2 cup water 3 big tablespoons of
    tomato sauce and about 4 Tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.
    The latter because I used curry spices red and yellow.
    I served it over rice.My husband says to add some sugar to
    balance the acidity and some salt.”

  • “This was simply easy to make, we served this over some noodles.I think it was lacking some flavor but that was MY fault.Next time I’m not going to be afraid to really lay the spices on.I think if I could have added some garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh cilantro, and maybe two different types of onions it would have been awesome.Something I will be making again as my husband said he did like it but felt it was missing something spice wise.Otherwise great recipe.Thank you.”

  • “Very good base/inspiration though def a little bland which is why I gave 3 stars. Would however make again, probably with a lot more carrots (added nice color/texture/flavor balance). Very easy/quick dinner option and fairly healthy too. Like many readers I needed to add a fair amt of spice- paprika, curry, onion flakes, good squeeze of ketchup. I kept the lid on for the first few minutes until the cabbage started to cook down, but then lid off so it didn’t get too soupy. Like many I also didn’t worry about exact measurements- I used what I had for cabbage (two small ones from the garden), because I wanted it to be a little more vegetable to meat ratio than the photos indicated.Healthy meal recommendations: Night one, before starting the prep, put on a pot of brown rice with one cube of bullion for some flavor. For four people: 1 cup rice, 2 cups water.
    Night two, serve in whole wheat tortilla with a small amt cheese.”

  • “This recipe is so good and easy to make.”

  • “Loved it. My kids ate it all up. we served it with rice. I think i may have added paprika, like another poster did. Overall, tastes good and very easy to prepare.”

  • “Good, but a little bit bland. Maybe adding some spices to the meat will help?”

  • “Oh I believe I just found a new favorite comfort food. This is delicious!! I thought I’d leave my 5 stars and review before I get up to fill my bowl again. Served this over rice. YUM! Made for PAC Spring 09.Update: made this again today and served it wrapped in flour tortillas. STILL deserves more stars than I’m allowed to give it!”

  • “Good!And super easy too with minimal clean up.Didn’t have onion so I used some onion powder and onion flakes.Omitted the bay leaf because I added about half a cup of chicken broth.(My beef was pre-cooked and dry before that.)My husband added a pinch of cumin and that was a good idea.I served it over brown rice and my husband liked it so much he’s excited about leftovers for his lunch tomorrow.Thanks!”

  • “This recipe is sooo good and easy to make.My family loves it. I will definitely make it again and again.Thank you so much for sharing.”

  • “I’m so happy to have found this recipe.Many years ago I use to make something similar and I completely forgot about it.Can’t wait to make yours.Thank you so much for posting.This truly is comfort food at its best.”

  • “This is super easy to prepare with minimal ingredients.We really enjoyed it and will make it often in the future.”

  • “Delicious! My husband, who grew up in the USSR, says this reminds him of something his mom used to make.”

  • “I made this exactly as posted, using all the ingredients suggested, however, I didn’t measure anything.It seemed to me to be a recipe that wouldn’t fail no matter how much of each ingredient was used.I was right!It was delicious and something I plan to be making again.Thank you for sharing.”

  • “After preparing the basic recipe as directed I layered it in a porcelain coated cast iron pot…adding a layer of potatoes. A bit of butter a bit of olive oil and water over the top and some sharp cheddar cheese…I finished it in a moderate oven …because I was going to be out all day…needed something I could “set and forget” …this was perfect!”

  • “I made this without carrots, and using butter instead of oil. My family liked this a lot, and so did I. I’ll make this again when I need a cabbage fix or an easy meal. Thanks!”