Gummy Bears

  • Prep Time: 0 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Yield: 1batch
  • About This Recipe

    “This recipe came from the Top Secret Recipes site a couple of years ago. It is a really simple kid pleasing recipe”


  • 1 (3ounce) boxes Jello gelatin, any flavor
  • 7envelopesunflavored gelatin
  • 1/2 cupwater
  • Directions

  • Mix all ingredients in a saucepan until the mixture resembles playdough.
  • Place the pan over low heat and stir until melted.
  • Once completely melted, pour into plastic candy molds and place in freezer for 5 min.
  • When very firm, remove from molds.
  • Reviews

  • “Bloody Brilliant!!!!”

  • “These were great fun for the kids and I.We made cherry and they thought that was pretty cool.I was expecting something a little different but it was fun and we will be making these again.”

  • “i used only 3 packets & 1/4 cup of water maybe a lil more but it turned out amazing!!! highly recomend watermelon… & make sure you melt it long enough till its really thin.”

  • “Wow, maybe we are just used to having Haribo, which to me is the best, but these were HORRIBLE, me and my children were so disappointed, they were so rubbery (I used 7 packets as suggested).They were so displeasing that I am not even will to try this recipe again with 5 packets.What a waste of money and very disappointing.If anyone has a better recipe, let me know :(“

  • “Turned out great with 5 packets. I’ve made these before with 7 and it was nasty.I used black cherry jello. For the liquid I used 1/4 C of blueberry juice (Sneaky Chef idea) and 1/4 C water.YUM!”

  • “easy to make…fast….delicious…i used 5 unflavored like everyone said”

  • “OK Girl, I just loved these!!!I am a gummy maniac and these are just GREAT!!!I was supposed to make these with my children but frankly I could not wait for them to help.These did not dissapoint.I made them with green apple jello and got an unbelievable result.Thinking of using lollipop molds and giving them out for Halloween to the neighbors kids.If I don’t eat them all first.Thank you for an easy an delicious treat!!!”

  • “I used peach jell-o for the flavoring, and I thought it wasn’t quite enough to overcome the bitterness of the unflavored gelatin, but I gave some to my cousins (ages 4 to 10), and they all loved it.It was a little more rubbery than I had expected, but once again, the texture was a kid-pleaser.”

  • “Thanks for the recipe.I am a kindergarten Girl Scout leader and we made this for our school’s science fair.Through this recipe they learned about states of matter and how this went from a solid to a liquid and back.They loved eating their experiment and did a taste test with some store bought candy and felt this was better.Only change I made was I put the mixture in the microwave for about 30 seconds instead of doing it on the stovetop.”

  • “Taking everyones comments i devised a plan!
    I was in need of a large gummy bear for a colorful friends birthday, and it went a little like this! —- 43oz. boxes lime jello —– 2 3oz. boxes lemon jello.—– 12 packets gelatin ——- 3 1/4 cups water ——1/4 cup lemon juice —–cooked on low heat like above—– before pouring in bear cake pan —– add 1 cup cold water —– 1 cup tequilla —– chill in freezer 10 min and waa-la! Carefully peel out onto a cake sheet add googly eyes and some flowers!”

  • “OMG! So, my husband wanted a giant gummy bear for his birthday. I made this recipe x 5. I bought a teddy bear cake mold. Followed the recipe using 5 packets of gelatin (x5) and 1/4 juice, 1/4 water (x5) melted it in big pot, poured it into the teddy bear cake mold and….abra cadabra! I have a giant gummi bear! I used blue berry jello! BUT HOLD ON! If I were to do this recipe again making a giant gummi bear, I would use 3 packets of Gelatin, and an 6th box of jello. It was so rubbery that we couldn’t even pull it apart. It was in-edible! My dog enjoyed it as a chew toy….”

  • “LOVE IT!!!! :)))))

  • “hey! this were ok. I used 5 packets like everybody said to, but I still think that it was to much. they were EXTREMELY easy to make, great for younger siblings. I did orange flavor, but next I make them I will probably use a different flavor, as orange wasn’t that good. the texture was tough and rubbery, I hate to say. I am hoping that it was just to much gelatin.”

  • “Like some others, I cut down on the amount of gelatin. I used 5 packs and that was perfect:) My man looooved these, thanks.”

  • “I found this recipe on another site, but as another reviewer on there said, I reduced the envelopes of gelatin to 5. They were still pretty firm and chewy; in my opinion, any more gelatin would have made them TOO chewy. Overall, they were very good, but I would add a few drops of flavoring next time.”

  • “I am SOOO excited that I found this recipie. I have always wondered how to make my favorite candy ever and now I know…thank you.”

  • “This was a lot of fun.I made this with my neices.I poured the mixture onto a pizza pan to cool in the freezer.When I took it out they cut shapes with a cookie cutter and a pizza cutter.Great fun for kids.The taste was very similar to a gummy bear.We used cherry jello for our recipe.Thanks for posting an affordable idea I was able to use.”

  • “i can only give them 4 stars and thats just becuase its a purely amazing idea to make your own gummy bears… however they were too rubbery and didnt have very much taste.perhaps i just cooked them a little too long or maybe not long enough”

  • “The consistancy was right but it was very sour.”