Gusto’s RUBS of the SOUTH – Barbecue Gift Set – BBQ Spices / Dry Grilling and Barbecue Rubs by GustoSpice

19,50 USD

If you’ve ever wished to sample authentic barbecue rubs from the Southern regions of the United States, or merely like the bbq tastes of the South, this set is for you!


In this set you will certainly receive 5 rubs in 2oz. tins (1.35-1.38 oz. each) of our Southern dry rubs, covered in wine-colored paper and housed in a kraft tin tie bag that determines roughly 6 & quot; & quot; x4 & quot;

x3 & quot; We house most of our rubs in solid containers that assist keep air and light away from the spices, enabling them to remain fresh and last longer.

1) LEXINGTON, NC: Commonly consists of delicious slow-smoked pulled pork with a Carolina Gold sauce or their popular hot pepper-vinegar-based sauce. Components in our NC rub include brown sugar, dry mustard and cayenne pepper. The rub is fantastic on chicken, too!

2) MEMPHIS, TN: Smoked commonly with a dry rub and served with sauce on the side! Active ingredients in our TN rub include a great dose of garlic in addition to rosemary and brown sugar.

3) EAST TEXAS: This rub is excellent on pork ribs, hearty meats and brisket. Active ingredients in our TX rub include ground coriander, cumin and cayenne pepper.

4) GEORGIA: Georgians are proud of their barbecue and for great factor! Ingredients in our GA rub consist of cumin, onion, and a great dosage of black pepper. Attempt pairing this rub with a peach or a mustard-based barbecue sauce.

5) LOUISIANA: Part dry rub/ part spices, our Louisiana rub is loaded with flavor and can period virtually any meal! Ingredients consist of dried basil and thyme, cayenne and white peppers. Try out seafood, in stews and jambalaya, or on poultry.

The heat of a fresh hot pepper are remains in its & quot; & quot; veins, & quot; not simply its seeds!

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