HALF Price Sale Bead Frame Stars in bright silver measuring 15.8x3mm. BF 006 by jjmjewelry

1,25 USD

These Bead Frames in Antique Silver will accommodate approximately a 6mm bead in the center. Other mix of smaller sized beads will fit within too. These have a smooth finish and style. They have a bright silver surface over lead complimentary pewter. They determine 12.8 x 15mm oval outside and 12.4 mm round inside.

Bead frames triggered or frame your special beads and work well in all types of precious jewelry. Earrings, bracelets and lockets turn out magnificently with these and bead frames are simple to utilize.

These frames have samples shown with numerous different size and shaped beads inserted in them.
This ad does not include the beauties shown as examples.

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