Hand Cranking Sock Service by wanderingcatyarns

Hand Cranking Sock Service by wanderingcatyarns

25,00 USD< p class="description" > Love our yarn however do not have time to knit socks? Now you can get the socks hand cranked on our Circular Sock Machine.

< br/ > Just include this listing to your yarn order (one for each skein of yarn you desire cranked into socks.)

< Br/ > Please supply us with the following:

1) Sock size and gender (please utilize standard US shoe sizes) one skein of yarn will accommodate 1 pair of Ladies socks (size 5-11) or. one set of males’s socks (size 7-12). Bigger sizes will require more yarn – please call us for details

2)Stitch options:. Choice 1-1×1 ribbing on cuff, plain stockinette for rest of sock(photo 1)
Alternative 2-Picot cuff, plain stockinette for rest of sock (picture 2)
Choice 3-1×1 on cuff, 3×1 ribbing throughout rest of sock (picture 3)
Choice 4-1×1 on cuff, 3×1 ribbing on leg, with plain stockinette foot (photo 4)
Choice 5 – 1×1 ribbing on entire sock (picture 5)

Please keep in mind: 1)All socks have a brief row heel and
toe.< br/ > 2)If you are acquiring a self-striping yarn, think about purchasing a heel and toe skein to prevent altering the stripe pattern (if there are no heel and toe skeins available, contact us, we might be able to accommodate)
3 )We do not advise yarns that include silk or alpaca for socks as they will not hold their shape.
4)Yarns that have nylon material wear much better, however, non- nylon yarns are appropriate for lighter wear)
5)Cleaning directions will depend on the yarn purchased (care guidelines supplied in listing and on label).

Currently, hand-cranking service adds roughly 7 -10 days to send your order out.

< br/ > If you have any questions about our sock-cranking services, do not hesitate to call us.

Please read our shop policies.

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