HappyWings Thick and Chunky Basswood Round Platform Perch for Larger Parrots by HappyWings

18,00 USD

NEW! Thick platform perch for larger parrots!
Give your feathered buddy a location to rest their feet from the typical routine of balancing on a routine perch. Made from thick 100% natural basswood with it’s crunchy bark still connected for your bird’s chewing satisfaction. Basswood is really similar to pine in density. Parrots ought to have a range of perches in their cage. Do not forget a platform or flat perch. Platform perches are great for older birds and parrots with special needs.

Perch measures 8 & quot; & quot; x 9 1/2 & quot; with a density of 1 3/4 & quot;
Measurement does not include hardware.
ALL hardware is stainless-steel. Washers are 1 1/2 & quot; in diameter.

Image shows exact perch you will get.

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