HappyWings Walk The Plank Platform Perch Toy with Fun Beads Attached! by HappyWings

7,00 USD

Walk the Plank Perch with two hairs of poly rope dressed up with a lot of vibrant beads for your feathery pal to take pleasure in. Made with gently rounded corners making it a perfect perch for your bird to rest, play or chew. Great for Linnies, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Eco-friendly Cheek Conures and other little parrots. Parrots should have a range of perches in their cage. Do not forget a platform or flat perch. Platform perches are great for parrots with unique requirements.

Made from neglected choose pine which is a denser cut of pine and is without knots.
Measurements are 1 1/2 & quot; x 3/4 & quot; & quot; with a length of 6 & quot; & quot; not consisting of hardware.
All hardware is bird safe stainless-steel.
Colors and shapes of beads might vary.

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