Harry Potter Accio Tea mug by GelertDesign

6,50 GBP ******************** ************************************************** *** Please make sure you read the following PRIOR TO ordering for
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https://www.etsy.com/shop/gelertdesign/policy ************************************************** *********************** 10oz ceramic coffee mug featuring
the summoning appeal & quot; accio & quot; from the Harry Potter & quot; books & quot;. Accio Tea
The reverse of the mug has Harry’s well-known glasses and scar.

< br/ > The mug is both dishwashing machine and microwave safe. This results from it being sublimated – a procedure where unique dyes are warmed up until they reach a gaseous state. The gas penetrates the unique polymer finishing of the mug and when cool the dye becomes secured.

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Please keep in mind, this item is influenced by Harry Potter and need to not be thought about main merchandise in any way

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