Headband, Dread Wrap, Autumn Colors, Brown and Burnt Orange, FesTivaL ClothinG, OriginaL Intergalactic AppaRel by IntergalacticApparel

28,00 USD This Original Interstellar Weave headband is made with tones browns, red and charred orange. Stunning autumn colors. You will get one of six headbands that was made to look very similar to this one. I used the same material for all of them, but no 2 will ever be identical.

< br/ > I enjoy making these headbands. I get to consume all my little pieces that simply will not work for any other jobs. It makes me feel really good to develop such Earth friendly pieces!

Our Interstellar Weave headbands are made from bits and pieces of scrap fabric carefully stitched together. Each one is completely lined with soft material and the braided ties permit an ideal fit. These appealing little pieces of wearable art are a have to have in every female’s wardrobe.

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Handmade and modeled by Glacia Rain

< br/ > A note about our distinct fabric, Interstellar Weave, that we started making in 2008. It is made from little bits and pieces of scrap fabric carefully sewn together to develop a beautiful, original, one of a kind piece of earth friendly material. We utilize pieces of numerous materials in various sizes and mix it up with yarn, ribbon and practically any other kind of fabric we can find. We put a great deal of love, time and creativity into each piece we make so each piece comes out unique and original. We make a range of different items with our special Interstellar Weave. Please examine our store for more items made with this amazing material! Thanks !!

*** INTEREST **** Please note that I own the intellectual building rights to this design. This design may not be recreated without express authorization from Intergalactic Garments. Please see Etsy’s Intellectual Property Rights Violation policy for more information. Please call me if you are interested in acquiring my design for usage in your store.

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