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39,50 USD

2 Hearts
… beat as one.

* 2 dainty hearts (1 large and 1 little) hang from a sterling silver bangle that has been soldered, hammered, tumbled for strength and polished to an intense luster. I use my bangles all over and almost never ever take them off. They are long lasting, durable and the hammered texture on the sterling silver beautifully shows the light.

* This bracelet is made from either 14 gauge (1.5 mm) OR thicker 12 gauge (2mm) sterling silver wire.
* The largest heart measures about 5/ 8 & quot; & quot; in width and 1/2 & quot; & quot; in length. ** This bracelet is made to purchase, therefore slight variations may exist.

* The bracelet can be found in 3 different sizes.
Small: 7 & quot; & quot; in length Medium: 7 1/2 & quot; in length
Huge: 8 & quot; & quot; in length

Please measure your hand carefully prior to purchasing.
To size your bracelet: Determine the circumference of your carefully clenched hand with fingers directly and thumb kipped down to touch your pinky. The concept is making your hand the tiniest circumference possible. Position the tape procedure over your knuckles and run the tape beginning from one point going completely around and stopping at the same indicate take your reading. Round out your size to the closest size for the bracelet you would love to order.
The idea is to find the largest circumference of your hand the bracelet need to slip over to reach your wrist. The bracelet needs to likewise have the ability to move on and over your hand easily.

* Made with love and beautifully gift covered in a Hawaiian printed material gift bag with gift tag, ideal for gift giving.
* If you would love to add added hearts, personalized discs, or require a smaller/ larger size please contact me for prices.

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