Hexagonal Hand Made Sewing Box – Fabric Covered Cartonnage – Arts and Crafts by tialys

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Hexagonal Hand Made Sewing Box – Material Covered Cartonnage – Arts and Crafts

A completely handmade box, hand cut from strong cardstock and covered in premium cotton fabric showcasing an arts and crafts style design in green and orange. It is lined with a collaborating green and gold quilting fabric. Ideal for a sewing box or to keep your cherished products in.

The craft of cartonnage originated in France and includes building items from card and covering with decorative paper or lovely fabric. This can vary from easy stationery products such as a book cover or pen holder to extremely complex boxes. It is a preferred craft in France and some other northern european nations although less well known in the UK and United States.

It has a cushioned interior with little pockets to put things in and bow to tuck things behind. The sides are supported by little gusset areas which allow the box to fall open halfway like a flower.

This would be a luxurious, one of a kind gift for providing to an unique person or for spoiling yourself. I never ever make the same box two times as, since they take so long to create, I have to be recently inspired each time although I have actually utilized this combination of fabric recently albeit in a various colour scheme.

Dimensions 8 & quot; & quot; diameter x 4.25 & quot; & quot; deep (21cm x 11cm)

Other designs available here https://www.tialys.etsy.com or ask me for a customizeded hexagonal box.

If you want to see part of the process for making one of these boxes you can see it on my blog site here https://www.thetialys.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/hexagonal-etui-box-a-deconstruction/

If you have any questions or remarks kindly do not be reluctant to ask.

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If you want to attempt the craft of cartonnage yourself I have a tutorial for this box now readily available in my store right here https:// www.etsy.com/listing/238609846/hexagonal-sewing-box-tutorial-tialys?ref and one for a smaller sized box here https://www.etsy.com/listing/56064161/pdf-tutorial-for-small -etui-box-sewing?.

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