High Maintenance Firm Hold Curling Gel – 8 oz. by SpiralSolutions

14,50 USD

& quot; & quot; NEW & quot; scent is actually the return of the incredibly popular original scent. A soft spa-like fragrance that is a best blend of juicy berries and sweet herbs. Really light, fresh and uplifting.

This gel contains a greater concentration of designing agents than Shapely Spirals ™ Curl Enhancing Jelly for a firmer hold and additional security from humidity. Can be made use of alone, layered over the Curl Enhancing Jelly, or perhaps blend them together if you are in a rush. This gel is designed to hold your curls in location while they dry, so your hair may feel a little stiff while it is drying. As soon as your hair is totally dry, it will certainly feel smooth soft. Any remaining stiffness or crunch is quickly ravelled with your hands, or you can smooth a little Emollience over your hair to “scrunch out the crunch.”

The absence of plastic polymers implies that this gel is not going to develop up on your hair, nor is it going to feel sticky, gunky, or heavy. 100% natural styling agents form a versatile shield on the hair to hold your curls in place and secure your hair from the environment. Your curls will be shiny, bouncy, soft, and frizz totally free.

POINTER: Makes a fantastic curl creme! Mix a generous amount with Shapely Spirals Curl Enhancing Jelly and apply the alcoholic drink to very wet hair. If you desire more clumps, add more water. I such as volume, so I just scrunch away and diffuse simply long enough to ‘set’ the gel.

Active ingredients: Detoxified water, aloe vera juice, dehydroxanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose, polyquaternium-4, brocolli seed oil, silk amino acids, panthenol, gluconodeltalactone & sodium benzoate (natural preservative mix), scent, vitamin e, chondrus chrispus, lactic acid

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