Highbrow Art Deco Coffee Set, 1930s Deauville by Community Plate: Silver Plate Hollowware, Gatsby Style by SusabellaBrownstein

425,00 USD

So retro incredible, Gatsby most likely had his butler pour his coffee using this classy Art Deco Coffee Service! Regardless, Neighborhood Plate’s “Deauville” remains one of the most sought-after and advanced patterns occurring from the Roaring Twenties age.

An elegant nod to a glamorous past, made of high quality materials making use of Old World craftsmanship: this gorgeous set functions urn-shaped vessels with long, elegant lines, adorned with triangular chevron arrowheads both impressed and in relief. These staunchly Art Deco geometric designs are an elegant contrast to the flowing shapes of the set’s timeless shapes, complemented with minaret-style finial deals with on the domed lids. Gorgeous!

The ideal present for newlyweds, or anybody who enjoys sophisticated Art Deco.

Please Note: The pieces in this pattern get our reduced Wedding event Computer registry service; kindly call us to find out more.

:: Details & Condition::

This 3-piece set showcases the following silverplated pieces:

* 1 Coffeepot w/ hinged cover, # 15900, approx. 10.5 “high by 9.25” spout to manage
* 1 Sugar Bowl w/ cover, # 15902, 5.5 “high by 6” handle to manage (Regular size)
* 1 Creamer, # 15903, 5.25″ high by 6 “spout to handle (Routine size)

We can also replace the Mini Cream & Sugar Set for the regular sized ones for $ 50 less (see 4th photo); call us before purchasing if interested.

Pieces are in excellent-to-great vintage condition – silverplate has a bright, shiny patina and really few marks, scratches, or dings; some inner discoloration; otherwise, no plate loss, heavy stain, etc. More images offered upon request.

:: Care & Handling::

Clean right away after use; prevent contact with salt, rubber bands and other corrosive or products containing sulfur; buff with a soft fabric to draw out the luster and utilize a light non-abrasive cleaner like Hagerty’s Silver Foam to deal with tarnish accumulation. Storing in jeweler’s dealt with silver fabric will retard stain.

:: Pattern History::

Deauville was patented by visionary designer Grosvenor Allen in 1929 as a dinnerware design for Oneida’s Neighborhood (Silver) Plate, and named after a glamorous French resort town. Also called the Parisian Riviera, the beach-side paradise of Deauville inspired many other innovative folks:
~ Coco Chanel opened her Second store and started her transition from hat maker to couturier there (not to mention her torrid affair with & quot; & quot; Boy & quot;-RRB-; ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald, who positioned Tom and Sissy’s honeymoon scene in his book & quot; & quot; The Terrific Gatsby & quot; & quot;
there; ~ It was likely the basis for the casino in the James Bond film, & quot; & quot;

Casino Royale & quot; Community likewise commissioned porcelain dinnerware and crystal stemware showcasing the Deauville pattern as trendy matches to its sophisticated flatware and hollowware, developing an incomparable prolonged tableware line.

PLEASE NOTE: We actively collect all pieces in this pattern, so please contact us if you do not see exactly what you’re trying to find listed in our & quot; & quot; Vintage Dinnerware-China, Porcelain, Glass, & Retro Plastique
& quot; area: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SusabellaBrownstein?section_id=6280769:: Oneida Community History:: Born out of an utopian 19th century religious commune in Oneida NY run by the Perfectionists,( seriously!) the Neighborhood Plate line consisted of a few of my favorite silverplated flatware designs. Numerous were developed by Grosvenor Allen, and included 1914’s ‘Patrician’, 1917’s architectural’ Adam’, 1921’s eponymous’Grosvenor ‘, 1923’s Bird of Paradise, 1929’s stunning matching Deauville, 1930’s famous Noblesse, the feminine Woman Hamilton in 1932, and the regal Coronation in 1936. For interesting and well-researched articles (plus her associated books) on the Oneida Community’s
interesting utopian history and their Jazz Age items, see Nancy Gluck’s blog, Silver Threads: https:// silverseason.wordpress.com/american-silverplate/oneida/how-i-set-the-community-table/ More treasures from the Belle Époque, Art Nouveau and Art Deco through Mid Century ages await in our Vintage Dinnerware China, Porcelain, Glass, Retro Plastique area: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SusabellaBrownstein?section_id=6280769 and our Atomic Salem China section: https:// www.etsy.com/shop/SusabellaBrownstein? section_id=7195421 INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We like to deliver worldwide; please supply your address for an accurate quote of
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