Hinuhinu necklace – double layered gold moon star necklace, strand necklace, bohemian moon stars necklace, boho layering necklace, hawaii by kealohajewelry

86,00 USD< p class ="description"> Hinuhinu-( HEE noo HEE noo)-bright, glittering, magnificent
<. br /> Gorgeous double strand gold moon and star locket. Cubic zirconia pave embeded in gold vermeil make these pendents shine!. A perfect match for the inner boho in you

Handmade on Maui, Hawaii

✦ DETAILS ✦ ✧ 15/18 & quot.; length shown on model.
✧ Vermeil cubic zirconia crescent moon appeal 15mm x 14mm.
✧ Vermeil cubic zirconia star charm 12mm.
✧ 14kt gold filled chain.
✧ 14kt gold filled spring clasp.
✧ This pendant arrives in a kraft present box wrapped in a gold. foiled muslin bag

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____________________________________________ ✦ ABOUT gOLD fILLED ✦
✧ gold filled is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal.
✧ gold filled does not exfoliate, rub off or turn colors.
✧ The majority of people with jewelry sensitivities can use gold filled without concerns of any allergic response.
✧ Treasure jewelry from the 1800’s is frequently gold-filled which gives us self-confidence that it will last a lifetime!
____________________________________________ ✦
gOLD fILLED CARE ✦ ✧ Warm water and a soft cloth are the very best thing you can do to keep the charm of your precious jewelry.
✧ Fashion jewelry polishing fabrics work fantastic and are non-abrasive.
✧ For a much deeper, occasional cleaning, a drop of dish soap on a tooth brush will return its luster.
✧ Seawater and chlorine in pool take their toll on all great fashion jewelry.
✧ Numerous chemicals marketed for cleaning fashion jewelry are really rather abrasive or corrosive and can trigger damage or color change to your fashion jewelry.
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