Honey Harvest soap by Queen Bee Honey by queenbeehoney

5,75 USD

Honey Harvest yogurt parfait with cocoa butter and honey soap is a brand-new one that we started selling at farmers markets last summer season. Almost everyone who picked it approximately smell needed to have it!
Has a stunning sweet smell of honey with a citrus edge, a secret combination I developed!

This is a luxury bar of soap. Exactly what I mean by high-end is that the creamy lather developed from the mix of the coconut oil and the entire milk yogurt, is meant to indulge your skin and your senses. This bar will last you numerous wonderful weeks. Keep it drained and dry.

This is a hefty bar of soap 4.3 ounces. There is palm kernal oil and cocoa butter in the soap to assist lengthen the life of soap without hardening it too much, and a little honey to sweeten the deal!

Enjoy your peaceful time in the shower!

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