Honor The Autumnal Equinox

Honor The Autumnal Equinox

With each reddened leaf, slightly shorter day, and fractional drop in temperature it’s clear: we’re standing on the cusp of a new season.

The autumnal equinox for the northern hemisphere begins this Monday, September 22nd, with the first day of autumn falling (no pun intended) on the 23rd. The equinox happens twice a year — in March and September — and is marked by day and night being equal (or close to it) in length, a phenomenon caused by the sun shining directly on the equator.

Any change of season is an opportunity for celebration, but the autumnal equinox is an especially fruitful time for reflection and growth.

Because day and night are equal in length, the equinox is the perfect time to seek balance in your life. Begin the day itself by waking up just before sunrise to watch the light break over the trees. Meditate or do a few morning yoga poses, and set your intentions for the season ahead – because fall is a season of abundance, this is also the perfect time to give thanks for what you have. Create a list of the things — large and small — that you’re grateful for and the people you’re thankful to have surrounding you. Keep the list ready and available so you’re able to add to it throughout the season.

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year, but it can also be one of the busiest for many of us. Around the equinox, be sure to set aside some time to observe and appreciate the earth’s transformation. It many be an elusive concept, but strive to find balance in the areas of your life that you feel are at odds with each other. Maybe you’re working too much, or not communicating enough with friends and family – whatever is causing you worry, this is the perfect time to welcome harmony into your life.

While many crops are now grown further into fall, the autumnal equinox traditionally marked the winding down of the harvest. Begin this new season by incorporating autumn’s warming foods, like squash and apples, into your cooking repertoire. Cooking with what’s in season will make you feel more connected with the earth, and it’s a great way to expand your menu.

The air is finally cooling down, making autumn the perfect season to get outdoors and appreciate nature.┬áMake the time to get outside, whether it’s for a short walk through your neighborhood or a hike through the woods. Turn off your phone, gather a few close friends, and meander through the forest, gathering bright leaves and other natural tokens as you go. If you’re hiking a mountain, take some time at the peak to admire the view, maybe write a few words in a journal, and breathe in the beauty of this amazing season.

Just as you observed the rise of the sun, try to find a spot to watch the sunset and observe the end of summer and the beginning of fall. If you’ve set goals for the season ahead (maybe waking up earlier?), there’s no better time to start then now.

How will you be observing the equinox? Be sure to share your idea in the comments!

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