How To Detoxify With Calcium Bentonite Clay

How To Detoxify With Calcium Bentonite Clay

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Whether we want to face it or not, we are constantly exposed to toxin upon toxin in our daily life – both internally and externally – and sometimes it gets to be a little too much for our bodies to handle on their own. That, my friends, is where calcium bentonite clay comes to help save the day.

This powder is a true gold mine. Bentonite clay heals a whole slew of ailments, from skin troubles to digestive issues. Even if you physically feel great, it’ll help draw out impurities from your body that you didn’t even know were there, leaving you feeling even more incredible.

Bentonite clay is made up of aged volcanic ash – which sounds a bit alarming, but don’t let it deter you! When it comes in contact with water the clay swells up like a sponge, while simultaneously producing an electrical charge to draw toxins in, allowing it to be the incredible impurity absorber that it is. But there’s more. Bentonite clay releases any minerals (the good stuff) that may be part of said impurities, allowing your body to use them as it needs. Plus, it helps deliver oxygen to your cells. Such a powerhouse, this stuff.

It can be taken internally or used outside of the body. If you choose to take it internally, make sure what you’re using is food grade – otherwise, you may harm your body. I use Living Clay Detox Clay Powder. Another important thing to note is that when mixing your concoctions, you should not use metal vessels or utensils – metal can mess with the effectiveness of the clay. I like using a ceramic bowl and wooden spoon.

To clear your body of toxins on the inside, mix 1 teaspoon of food grade calcium bentonite clay powder in about 2 ounces of water – but don’t drink right away! The powder needs time to generate its electrical charge in the water. You should wait at least one hour before drinking – I like to mix mine up before bed and then drink it first thing in the morning. It has a cloudy appearance and the tiniest bit of a chalky consistency, but it doesn’t taste like anything. Try this every day for a few weeks and see how you feel!

You can also use bentonite clay as a mask on your face to remove impurities from your skin. I like to do this every few weeks. It’s absolutely incredible how smooth it’ll leave your skin feeling. Use one part clay powder to 3 parts water. Mix well, and let sit for a few minutes until it becomes a smooth consistency. Then, apply a thick coat, let sit for 10-20 minutes, and rinse off. Your skin may appear slightly red after rinsing, but this will disappear soon. This mixture can actually be used on a multitude of skin issues – cuts, insect bites, burns, eczema, etc.

Another way to detoxify with calcium bentonite clay is to bathe with it! Mix 1-2 cups of powder in your bath water, soak, and relax. Rinse off before getting out, and your entire body will feel smooth, soft, and rejuvenated.

Have you used calcium bentonite clay before? Leave a comment!

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