Hummingbird Feeder Hanger, Windchimes Hanger Red Garden Decor Yard Art Bird Feeder Hanger by TeagardenArts

20,00 USD

Include appeal and destination to your hummingbird feeder! Developed to hang your hummingbird feeder from. Has a durable brass hook at the bottom and a yin/ yang shaped hook at the top. It likewise works for other bird feeders, and wind chimes too!
A rainbow of colors are readily available, plus you can email me for a custom color mix. First image reveals red, lime, and royal blue. Last picture reveals emerald green. Blues range from darkest to lightest: Cobalt/ Darkest, then Sapphire, Royal Blue, Swirl Blue, and Ice Blue/ Lightest.
Crafted with American made strong glass spheres from recycled glass.

Length is 9 1/2 “to 10” inches, counting the two hanging hooks, and is made with 1 “and 5/16” spheres. The metal used is pure brass, so it will not rust, however will establish a soft, & quot; & quot; antique & quot; patina

The Feeder imagined in the second picture is not consisted of.

I make a smaller sized variation of this hanger for $ 12.50, see the link listed below, it photos some of the numerous alternate color choices readily available for this hanger.

Можно buy on Etsy for TeagardenArts