IN STOCK Mens Maori Sandal / Handmade Bullhide Leather Men Flat Minimalist Hippie Jesus Medieval Ren Fest Renaissance Roman Hobbit by TreadLightGear

95,00 USD

ATTENTION! The thick sole revealed in the picture is not readily available. (We'' re Sorry!) Both Men'' s and Females ' s shoes include a 1/4 “thick flexible and long lasting Vibram sole (You'' ll love it! We guarantee)

Maori Shoes! We can'' t make these things quick enough, they fly right off the shelves! Dress them up or down with a pair of denims, cargo trousers, or shorts. Versatile! Our sandals choose everything in your closet and in your cabinet. (And on your floor!)

The Men'' s Maori shoes vary from the women'' s only in the width of the lace. We make the Guy'' s lace a bit wider for manly men feet. Some men like the skinnier lace, some women like the thick lace, there is no right or incorrect. If you'' d like a skinnier lace simply let us understand in the '' Message To Seller” “location when you are inspecting out.The Maori sandal is developed to support and secure your feet, all the while feeling as though you are barefoot. The versatile Vibram sole will permit for extra variety of movement while hiking, bouncing, spinning, dancing to some mad drum beat, combating a dragon, ranging from alligators, taking a moonlit walk though a creek, hopping, frolicking, playing tornado, running amok, or almost anything else you can think about doing while on your feet.The Maori shoe is designed with one lace that weaves in between

the leather base and the Vibram sole so it will certainly never come undone or tear out. The totally adjustable lace produces a hammock providing support for your arch as it wraps under and over your foot. The leather in between your toes is not a thong,(It ' s not! We vow!)but rather is resting on your toes, undetectable. The lace then crisscross ' s behind the ankle to incorporate a double knot. Due to the fact that of our special lace design, no harmful glue is utilized in the structure of the sandal.The 1/4 “Vibram sole is a plastic/rubber mix and among the best sole choices on the market. Vibram is exceptionally

soft and” versatile and created to simulate a barefoot feeling when you stroll. Throughout your very first adventure with your brand-new Maori sandals the Vibram sole will certainly start to mold to the shape of your foot for a natural born custom-made fit. On top of the Vibram sole, your foot is resting on soft and flexible restored leather bull hide. (Can you believe of anything better than that?) Simple. Light. Resilient. Eco-Positive. Visit this site to include a couple of leather leaves to the laces for$25!.?.!SIZING ASSISTANCE: If you put on a half size such as 8.5, I recommend buying a size 8 etc.INTERNATIONAL PURCHASERS: Please know that your government may charge an import charge. You may be needed to pay this fee when getting your bundle from your local post workplace. Можно приобрести на Etsy за TreadLightGear