Indian Print Cotton Fabric – Indigo – Floral Motifs – 1 Yard – ctjp229 by pallavik

< p class="price"> 9,50 USD This listing is of an indigo print material with Floral themes. indigo print is

a blue and white print.< br/ > This fabric is hand printed using screens/ blocks. Its a 100 % cotton fabric. Printing is done utilizing traditional hand carved wooden blocks/ screens. each colour has its own block/ screen. so when 2 colours are printed, 2 seperate blocks/ screens are utilized to complete it.

< br/ > These materials are printed by hand so please permit for imperfections and some disparities in the material in regards to positioning and colour too.

Handwash independently. Do not machine wash. Very first time suggested dryclean

Size: 36 x 44 inches< br/ >
1/2 Backyard Cotton Fabric -$ 5 more fabric is offered too! you can select to purchase more fabric from the amount box straight too. 2 would mean 2 backyards, 3 would mean 3 lawns etc. i will send you an uncut piece.

< br/ > if you require any other quantities, please feel free to contact me! i might have more than displayed by the quantity box, so please ask!

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