Intuition and Tarot with Jane by jacksbluejane

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an open ocean of tao
my soul drifts
gathering impressions
sensations and intuition

hi;-RRB- i am

jane. i spin yarn, gather crystals, weave dream catchers, sew tapestries to bless walls with appeal. i also use my tarot cards to bring whatever i should to others. a message, a revelation, direction … i love making use of whatever i can to aid others.

in this package, i’ll read my cards for you a minimum of 3 times. i’m attempting new things with my readings and will certainly also utilize my crystals to assist in giving understanding as well as sending positivity back into the tao for you.;-RRB- It does work both ways, you know …

You will certainly also get a photo of your cards pulled in the reading along with in depth analyses. I do tend to be a bit ‘sensations oriented’ indicating that I receive impressions, not visions … I have actually gotten visuals before, but I frequently discover them confusing as I do not constantly comprehend exactly what I am seeing, nevertheless, I ensure that as part of my honesty as a reader, I communicate EVERYTHING that my cards send me … both great and interesting (because who understands what must actually be identified as’ bad.)

you might ask a certain question, or just for understanding into whatever you’re presently dealing with. i do utilize a variety of decks in my readings … every one calls to me in its own time … if you do not have a particular question, but are simply curious, you’re more than welcome to ask me just to read for you in general …

as a guideline, i do not try to tell fortunes or the future. i can notice things that might be coming and will certainly get warnings concerning the best ways to continue in addition to direct guideline, but the cards will not inform me the name of your true love or what color to wear to your job interview to guarantee that you’ll get it. strangely enough, i likewise can not access the answers to your midterm.

come and see … a discussion we will have;-RRB- thank you … should purchase on Etsy for jacksbluejane