Its not you, its me by snarkycards

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I like this card. It advises you that you are much better than some individuals. Hell. You’re much better than many people. Therefore, you discover yourself having to be the rejector. The majority of the time.
It’s so good to have to reject others.
Disappointing yes. I indicate, you were really hoping things would work out. You did not desire to be better than your partner. You wished to give them a chance to Not Be Lame.
But, in the end, they disappointed you.
By sucking.
And you’re going to need to cut ties.
All I’m saying is, it’s good to be cooler than somebody.
Happy Rejecting!

PS: Also: Keep in mind! Snarky Cards are Post-Cards. They have actually got pretty images hand-painted (by me, Alisa) on both sides, and the words are typewritten with my Smith-Carona: Bob.

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