Jasmine & Roses Diffuser Oil Refill, Recycle and Handmade Vase Options Floral Fragrance for Home with Natural Undyed Reeds by PurePalette

15,95 USD


Jasmine & Roses aroma helps to focus & increase efficiency and concentration.

CHOICE TO MAKE … There are
3 alternatives for you to select from
1) 4 Oz. fill up bottle and 10 reeds package just.
2) Clear recycle glass vase (2 & quot; & quot; diameter round x 4 & quot; & quot; height) with 4 oz. refill bottle and 10 (12 & quot; & quot; long )reeds package. All items will be perfectly packed in durable Kraft gift box with vacation theme labels.
3) Personally handcrafted pottery vase (3 & quot; & quot; diameter x 2.5 & quot; height )by Marie Kennedy from Throwing Shop with 4 oz. fill up bottle and 10 (10 & quot; & quot; long) reeds package. All items will certainly be perfectly packed in durable Kraft present box with vacation style labels.


The natural rattan reed sticks draw the oils up and strike the air. Then the fragrance is carefully vaporized into the air. For fast effect, positioning the reeds and flipping them over immediately, and 2 weeks after, you can flip them over again. Rejuvenating fragrance will certainly fill up your space for as much as 4 months.


Reed diffuser is a terrific replacement to candle lights. Without flame, reed diffusers is creating a warm aromatic fragrant through out your space. If the reeds get a little dry or you want a little stronger scent, you can just turn them upside down and a fresh wave of fragrance will take a trip to the top of the reeds.


Recycle clear glass vase and handmade pottery can be made use of as your flower vase. They are beautiful addition to your room.

Domestic shipping for one diffuser oil refill with reeds packet will certainly be at $ 5.95. (You will get an overage shipping refund upon shipping.
Other options, shipping charge is provided.

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