JOYFUL solid perfume by olfactoryscents

6,00 USD

~ JOYFUL … the lively burst of pink grapefruit and tangerines offers way to the warmth of vanilla and the seduction of the ylang ylang flower. irresistable. captivating. dynamic. this is my desert island perfume… you understand … “if you can only have one perfume on a desert island for the rest of your life… which would it be? happy. hands down.

you will receive one twist-lid tin consisting of.40 oz of solid perfume.

just a little dab of this highly focused strong perfume behind the ears and on the wrists and you’re ready to go! this is a fragrance that will certainly put on close to your body, indicating you will not overpower cubicle-mates or fellow commuters when you are using it. it’s subtle and intimate, just like a perfume needs to be. 4 natural ingredients (oil, beeswax, fragrance, vitamin e … that’s it!) incorporate to make an amazingly simple yet splendidly scented treat for your skin.

just a couple of things… it will stay a solid as long as you’re not keeping it on your dashboard in the middle of a phoenix summertime. or any summer season for that matter. most likely bad for back pockets either. keep this item out of incredibly warm or hot temperature conditions. also, it’s packaged in a twist tin, so even if it does melt a bit, it won’t mistakenly open in your purse and smear up everything inside. if melting does occur, simply place in refrigerator or cool area until it solidifies again. did i mention it’s fantastic for travel !!

wonderfully fragrant. little and extremely portable. what’s not to enjoy?

~ fractionated coconut oil-a good lightweight oil that penetrates swiftly into your skin, so it will not leave a greasy feel. it provides moisture and has a really long life span, which will help this perfume stay fresh for a long time

~ golden beeswax-helps solidify the perfume and keep it from melting. imparts an almost invisible beeswax / honey scent

~ fragrance-only all natural vital oils or pthalate-free high quality scent oils are made use of

~ vit e oil-provides additional anti -oxidants for your skin and to extend the life span of the oils

can buy on Etsy for olfactoryscents