Juicy Orange Carrots Cotton Tote Bag by silkoak

20,00 USD

Fun, bright and colorful, cotton canvas Carrot Tote. Every day is Earth Day. Our handprinted, natural bag is big enough for groceries, a day at the beach or all your yoga equipment.

This Silk Oak production is an initial, hand silkscreened design. For each color in the design, a separate screen is used, signed up by eye and printed by hand, so that each print is distinct and slightly various from all the others. We utilize water based, eco-friendly inks and all of our goods are made in the US and sweatshop totally free!

Silk Oak is a woman-owned, family run company situated in Ithaca, NY. Our objective is to make comfy, resilient and easy to take care of clothing and devices with distinctive, contemporary style.

All Designs, Images and Material © 2015 Silk Oak. All Rights Reserved.

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