Jump Ring Cutter Jig by Paintingwithfire

36,00 USD

This has actually conserved my fingers! I got a horrible cut recently when cutting 14 gauge copper jump rings. And then I remembered something I saw in Bob Dancik’s book. I asked my brother-in-law making me one. I knew I might hurt the other nine fingers if I tried making this jig myself. I informed John I believed others might be thinking about this contraption, so he consented to make a few extras.

With this jig, you can cut jump rings and it will certainly be essentially difficult to cut yourself. The pictures to the best show the various steps. You form a spiral of wire around an item like a pencil, knitting needle … whatever. Undo the blade of your jewelry experts saw and slip the blade THROUGH the middle of the spiral. Place the spiral in the & quot; & quot; V & quot; notch of the jig. Make use of the slot in the plexiglass to assist your blade. Press the spiral of wire firmly down in the & quot; & quot; V & quot; notch while you cut your jump rings by sawing back and forth. And do not forget to lubricate your blade with burr life or candle light wax, etc.

. That’s it. Perfectly cut jump rings every time and with no threat of injuring yourself. The Jump Ring Cutter Jig is designed to fit perfectly in a vise.

Right here’s a link to a little video I did on ways to use the jump ring jig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g0QkrgusgI&feature=plcp

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