Kazuri Bead Necklace, Fair Trade Necklace, Ceramic Necklace, Yellow Orange Blue and Spearmint Necklace by lizbriggsdesigns

48,00 USD

Kazuri beads in orange, yellow, spearmint green and light blue, some plain and some with abstract designs, make this 18 inch long Kazuri bead pendant into an art piece. The Kazuri beads are 3/4 of an inch in size. Each bead is separated by 2 tiny metal spacer beads and a small glass seed bead.

The vibrancy of the Kazuri beads in these colors is fantastic and this is absolutely a statement pendant, when put on can only make you feel happy and confident.

The Kazuri beads are hand made and hand painted by females in Kenya. The Kazuri Bead company employes 360 women who are all paid fair salaries then the products are offered under the Fair Trade Contract. It is a fairly run company and has actually assisted many women, especially single moms, to work their way out of poverty and take care of their household.

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