Kemal Pamuk, Inspired by Downton Abbey … Canon Hand Dyes Charles Merino Sock Yarn by theamyleeshow

27,00 USD

The Amy Lee Show provides Canon Hand Dyes, yarn inspired by literature. This skein is:

Kemal Pamuk, influenced by Downton Abbey
this color is a deep rich bloody red

Your choice of bases:
Charles Fingering: 80/20 sw merino/ nylon; 395yds
William Fingering: 75/25 sw merino/ nylon; 450 yds
Charlotte Merino Fingering: 100 sw merino; 490 yds
Emily Single Ply: 100 sw merino; 395 yds
Lewis MCN Twist Fingering: 80/10/10 sw merino/ cashmere/ nylon; 395 yds
Anais Merino Silk Fingering: 80/20 sw merino/ silk; 395 yds
George Merino DK: 100 sw merino; 250 yds/ 115g
Anton Aran: 100 sw merino; 180 yds

Yarn is colored to order, and every effort is made to color matching skeins if you purchase multiple skeins. Kindly permit 2-4 weeks for shipment, though I will do all I can to color and deliver well before the 4 week delivery window!

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