Kimiko and Midori Japanese Dolls Amigurumi PDF Crochet Pattern by HandmadeKitty by handmadekitty

< img src=""border="0" width="570"height="429"/ > 5,99 USD=^ _ ^= ☆ =^ _ ^=Crochet Pattern= ^ _ ^ =☆=^ _ ^=< br/ > Kimiko and Midori are charming japanese ladies
wearing yukata or robe. The distinctions from my other designs are that they are not kokeshis.

They have legs so they can wear nice getas (japanese shoes). both girls hold fans and little purses.
these are a typical japanese attire for going out and to see the hanabi (fireworks).

< br/ > Kimiko implies Empress child and Midori indicates Green for this reason the color of her yukata. I select these japanese names for them because I love them however you can select your very own:-RRB-
Size: 10.5 inch (26.7 cm) approx

< br/ > You will require: a 3mm hook and Dk or worsted weight yarn.

Pattern is in United States English terms and features numerous photos, 24 in total with action by step instructions.

< br/ > * Copyright Material for personal usage only (non-commercial purposes)

< br/ > I hope you like the design I simply produced. I’ll make more for your pleasure!.

Thank you really much!
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