Knock It Out Powder – Rose of Sharon Acres by RoseOfSharonAcres

7,25 USD

For over a year I’ve been making my own body powder just to make it through the heat of the Texas sun. Sweat, heat rashes and smell is just a part of life in the nation … till in despiration I created this powder. I stated great bye to XXX Deodorant which is so horrible and talc based powders. A year of testing on me has proven that natural is the finest way – constantly.

Safe, effective take care of body smell, frictional skin irritation, itching and burning skin or sweat producing activities. Particularly formulated to provide a natural option to absorb sweat and body smell and offer you comfort doing those outside activities you enjoy. Might be utilized inside footware, under arms as a natural antiperspirant or under sportsware. Apply before and after excercise to locations that produce friction and all over after showers for all the time comfort. Your butt might still sweat but this will definitely reduce the damage that results when harmful release strikes your backside!

Components: Finely ground tapioca starch, green clay, powdered calendula petals, important oils.

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