Labyrinth inspired Goblin King’s Pocket Watch, steampunk costumia, Hand sculpted, Brass by TheSilverBranch

45,00 USD

If you ever wished the goblins would take you away, this is the accessory for you. Inspired by my favorite movie since I was five, Labyrinth, this little pocket watch casing holds many hand sculpted, sneaky goblins and is fit for any Goblin King (or Queen). Each goblin face is hand sculpted individually without the use of any molds. Each goblin is a work of art and has its own personality. They all have shining hematite eyes. . The gorgeous antiqued brass watch casing snaps close and easily springs open with the touch of a button

** Warning – watch does not tell time and the goblins are not reliable timekeepers (every moment is & quot; dinner time & quot;.) **

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This pocket watch sculpture is an original creation of The Silver Branch. . All Rights Reserved

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