Lakshmi Noah’s Ark Ganesha Sew on Large Back Patch-es Hindu Goddess Screenprint Art Poplin DIY Frame Quilt Panel Pillow Cover FREE S / h MbG by Crafterssupplies

15,00 USD

*** Let’s start! Select from Available ONE of a Kind Art Panel (s) revealed.

Lakshmi (2), Noah’s Ark, or Ganesha.

Image is approximately 9X12 or 10X10 or comparable. General panel size is 16X16 (approx.). If you desire, state in your Notes to trim to half-inch border around the image for a huge back spot; or, state in your Notes if you desire the image trimmed to balance on the quilting panel.

Personally in your DIY task, you can trim to as desired.

*** The panel/ patch has fusible interfacing at no extra charge!

Fusible interfacing works wonders in reducing thread fray, including stiffness, giving small thickness, and assisting to keep polyfill fibers from working through the cover. The image fabric panel is washable in warm water no bleach and mild detergent, get rid of quickly from washer, and topple dry low heat eliminate promptly to decrease wrinkles. Apply no heat or heavy pressure to the image. Use silicon paper to cover image and utilize caution to apply heat at your own threat. Spot clean with care.

*** This image includes industrial grade screenprint inks (similar to sublimation ink).

The art print MIGHT consist of shine (obvious when present);

Accredited art work design print by artists and their particular companies discovered in sportswear or clothing magazines;

Image Size nonspecific normally from Grownup to Oversized;

Heat press and silicon paper have sealed the colors;

*** Trigger poplin fabric was utilized!

Suitable for commercial grade inks as this was produced (Trigger poplin cotton 65 %/ polyester 35 % mix which precedes Target poplin, and Target poplin is polyester 65 %/ cotton 35 % blend, just the opposite in mix to Trigger poplin.);

Complementary Color Trigger Poplin Fabric (revealed in image): White, Black, Quarry Tan (sand), or Khaki (beige);

Trigger poplin material panel size is nonspecific (photographed along with an 18-inch X 18-inch box);

Edging nonspecific MAY have been surged – A zigzag stitch made by a serger sewing device;

At your demand, include in your Notes, how you desire this material panel trimmed for your Do It Yourself job: A huge back spot with a 1/2-inch border, or trimmed to focus the image.

*** End-Uses as a completed item or a DIY supply ideal for your next clothing or home task:

Easy Sewing Device DIY home design task work into a quilt or blanket;

Make this the front of your pillow or sham;

Can be trimmed to a stitch on back patch size for fashion accessory to your Do It Yourself project coupleded with an item of clothes (ie jacket, vest, hoodie, pants, shorts, underclothing);

Show under glass table, or with a picture frame;

Connect to a wood frame and no glass;

Tack up as Do It Yourself home space wall art;

Connect for window cover in DIY glass art;

Make this the front of your Buddha shoulder bag or purse;

Make or include to a shrine or memorial, etc.

*** Tailor in your Note (s) for each Item (s) purchased:

I can cut this panel’s edges down for you, however into a square or rectangular shape just and not to the rundown of the image itself.

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