LAUNDRY Detergent / SOAP, Pure, Natural – Eco Friendly (32 to 64 loads) CHOOSE Scent by WildHerb

12,00 USD

TWO POUND SIZE! (Cleans up to 64 loads, depending upon machine type. See listed below!)

BASIC, CLEAN & PURE! Wild Herb Soap Co. makes only natural items. Good for your body; helpful for the earth!

My laundry detergent is suitable for use in all cleaning machines. Low sudsing action is difficult on spots, simple on the environment and naturally scented!

Made with great ingredients, Wild Herb Soap is grated in all of the magnificent types & fragrances! Excellent for use on all kinds of clothing, including diapers.

It does not take much of this concentrated detergent to obtain your clothing clean without strong fragrance fragrances! Just 1 tablespoon for leading loaders & 2 tablespoons for front loaders!

THIS LISTING IS FOR 2 FULL POUNDS! Great for as much as 64 loads!

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