Letterpress Note Card – Love Poetry (Byron) by pressedufour

& quot; & quot; 5,00 USD & quot; She Strolls in Charm & quot; by Lord Byron(1788-1824) The British Charming poets thought in celebrating nature, and the person. They had a specific ridicule for contemporary technology. So I ‘d like to believe letterpress printing their poems in today’s world would have pleased them so. Featuring the crucial 2nd generation of Charming poets, these basic and sweet cards were inspired by my love of traditional British literature in addition to my nostalgia for those tiny Peanuts Valentine cards circulated when I remained in primary school. I constantly thought of Snoopy typing them out on his vintage typewriter

< br/ > 1 folded card -. 3.5 x 4.875 (A1)
printed in red and black on intense white 100% cotton stock
coordinating red envelope
< br/ > 1 postcard, 4 x 6
printed in brown, green and blue, both sides, on thick natural white stock
packaged in a recyclable clear sleeve
delivered within 1 -3 company days by means of USPS

+ + +< br/ >< br/ > About: These cards are carefully hand cranked, one at a time, on my vintage Vandercook proof press. My home paper is specialized crushed # 118 glamorous 100% cotton stock, which is made from cotton linters left over from the textile market. It is archival, acid complimentary, recyclable, biodegradable, and essential chlorine totally free

Offering:. Presse Dufour contributes a portion of profits to organizations such as the Gulf Coast Remediation Network, as well as numerous regional companies in New Orleans.

© Presse Dufour

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