Lime Green Aqua Blue Fused Glass Drawer Pull Hardware by UneekGlassFusions

27,00 USD

Spring lime green and aqua blue cabinet hardware drawer pull with custom screw placement and sizes. Fused glass knobs and pulls for kitchen area, restroom, and furniture. Unique art glass door pulls.

* Color matching
* Custom Sizes
* Personalized Design
* Custom-made Screw Positioning on Cabinet Hardware
* 8/32 thread 1″ “screws included
* Range of Hardware Finishes

Matching fused glass cabinet knobs or accent tile available.Each pull is created, hand cut, organized, and merged in my California studio kiln with temperature levels as much as 1500 degrees for a minimum of 1 Day. We take pride in offering a strong and long lasting work of art. Precious jewelry for Your Home! Можно
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