Liquid African Black Soap – Organic – Great for skin issues – Completely Gluten Free by SimpleOrganicBeauty

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< br/ > Liquid African Black Soap – Organic-Great for skin issues like acne, psoriasis, eczema … quite much any skin concern. May be used on the skin or on the hair and scalp. For the skin, follow up with an excellent skin cream or cream. For the hair follow up with a good hair conditioner or my 1 Step Hair Cleanser/ Conditioner.

Pure African Black Soap from Ghana is the very best natural and healthy soaps on the planet. African Black Soap contains more healthy skin advantages than other on the market today. African Black Soap is made by hand from burned plantain skins, palm leaves, banana bark, cocoa pods, and palm kernel oil for a natural cleaning process. It is made by combining charred leaves of plantain and palm along with banana bark, cocoa pods and palm oil. The mixture is stirred for at least 24 hours by hand, after which it is delegated cure for a minimum of 2 weeks. Plantains skins and banana bark contain naturally happening vitamins A, K, E and iron.

African Black Soap Advantages:

Skin Issues or Inflammation:

African Black Soap will soften rough skin and eliminate skin inflammation brought on by acne and rashes. and is advantageous for naturally dealing with other skin problem such as eczema and psoriasis consisting of relieving the symptoms of itching and scaling

Dry Hair and Scalp: African Black Soap includes oils that are helpful to the scalp and hair providing thorough cleaning and glossy hair. The glycerin content functions as a humectants which will preserve moisture in the hair shaft. Individuals with naturally taking place oily hair should not utilize African Black Soap in the hair with each hair shampoo

Skin and Hair Cleanser:

African Black Soap is very cleansing to the skin and hair and will assist in the treatment of dandruff. African Black Soap is 100% natural and includes no chemicals which will return your natural skin balance together with ruining unwanted bacteria. African Black Soap can be used to clean abrasions and wounds in a bath soak or straight.

This bottle is 8 oz for $ 4.95. I think you will enjoy it.

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