Little Skipping Friends – 4 doll knitting pattern – INSTANT DOWNLOAD by dollytime

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KNITTING PATTERN -4 charming 15cm (6in) dolls with their skipping ropes. Maggie, Mary, Milly and May are made from the exact same fundamental pattern however their pretty clothing and hair styles give them an extremely various appearance. Easy to follow knitting and sewing patterns that will utilise your probabilities and ends of yarn and fabric.

< br/ > SIZE of LITTLE PALS – 15cm (6 in)

NEEDLES: knitted on 2 straight 2.75 mm needles (United States 2)

< br/ > YARN.: Percentages of DK (double knitting) yarn (USA – light-worsted/ Australia – 8 ply)

< br/ > ABILITIES REQUIRED: cast on, cast off, knit, purl, boost, decrease

PATTERN: 13 page PDF file with lots of images and step by action guidelines

© 2015 Wendy Phillips copyrighted design. Do not reproduce or distribute this pattern.

Please DO NOT sell dolls from your Etsy store that you have actually used this pattern as it can influence my own Etsy pattern sales. I am nevertheless delighted for you to offer your knitted dolls from other little shops and craft fairs and so on … Delighted knitting.

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