Little Smokies Football Wienies

  • Prep Time: 3 mins
  • Total Time: 5 hrs 3 mins
  • Servings: 25
  • About This Recipe

    “these are easy to do,and are very good”


  • 2 (3lb) packages Little Smokies sausages
  • 18ouncesgrape jelly
  • 42ounces barbecue sauce or 42ouncesyour favorite chili sauce
  • Directions

  • Add all ingredients together in a crockpot, set on low either overnight or from early the day you wish to serve them.
  • The longer they simmer, the better they taste.
  • Everyone loves them and they don’t last long.
  • Reviews

  • “This was yummy.I did use 2 packages of lil smokies and one regular bottle of BBQ sauce.I think in the end I cut down the sauce in half (half Jelly too) and it was the right amount.”

  • “Not sure what I did wrong here.I followed the directions and the sauce was looking very runny, not adhering to the smokies after several hours of cooking at all.I had to drain the sauce off and add another bottle of regular barbecue sauce to salvage.Thanks anyway.”

  • “Great taste and couldn’t be easier to make. Perfect for the big game. Thanks for posting.”

  • “awesome! Many compliments, most people couldn’t believe there was grape jelly.”

  • “Yummy! Sooo easy and delish! Next time I will try this sauce with meatballs! Thanks”

  • “I made these for my husband who is a big fan of Smokies and neither one of us were huge fans of this recipe. I used concord grape jelly and KC Masterpiece bbq sauce. This is the first time we tried them this way but I think we will stick to making them plain with sauerkraut in the future.I am glad we finally tried them so thank you for sharing your recipe.”

  • “This is the best way to serve little smokies!!!Everyone raved about them and they never knew just how easy they were to prepare:)”

  • “Really really yummy!Thank you for sharing, Thomas! :)”

  • “Simple and very good!These were enjoyed by all.”

  • “These were so simple to make and tasted great! Everyone enjoyed these very much. Thanks thomas sweeny….”

  • “Made these for my youngest son’s graduation party, and they were a big hit! He had requested little smokies, so I searched for something quick and easy…I’ll be making these again! Thanks, Hazeleyes”

  • “My sister learned to make these in school but I couldn’t remember exactly what went in them. It took me forever to find a recipe that used BBQ sauce like she did instead of chili sauce,mustard, or ketchup. I’m so glad ou posted this! My kids loved it when I made it for them(thanks to your recipe).”