Lively Lidded Vessel, ivory glaze with touches of tans and dark brown ring, FREE US SHIPPING. by barbdunshee

120,00 USD< p class="description"> Lively Lidded Vessel
& quot;, ivory glaze
, dark rust < br & quot;/ > & quot; & quot
; Path & quot; 10-3/ 4 & quot; tall x 5 & quot; large
stoneware, oxides, high fire glazes < br/ > Thrown on the pottery wheel and altered through faceting, pulling and twisting, this piece reminds me of a newly sculpted course in snow or white sand. The glaze is a butter soft ivory, tan on sharper edges. The mouth of the vessel I have actually painted with a red iron oxide, which fires to a metallic dark brown. The ball on top is made of white porcelain, with a clear crackled glaze.

< br/ > This belongs to my Lively Lidded Vessel series. The series embodies motion, balance and caricature. Feeling my way through the shapes I explore the exaggerated, circus-like nature of toys, odd characters, plants, fauna and anything that exhibits both grace and precariousness.

When I begin work on a piece I have a loose idea in mind, however am also at the mercy of the clay, temperature level and humidity. Work begins on the wheel and the base and the top are then changed through pulling, sculpting, curving, trimming. The covers are inverted and I pull longest possible spires from the offered clay till it will pull no more. That becomes my & quot; & quot; canvas & quot; for the active shapes I planning to produce. Each piece moves through interim stages prior to it can hold the final gesture. I have little windows of chance where the clay is malleable enough and at the very same time firm enough. It comes together well when rhythm, balance and timing comply.

SHIPPING: I base the United States shipping on USPS Concern Mail to the East Coast (I’m on the West Coast). I refund the distinction in between the posted shipping and actual shipping. I can ship internationally as well. Please convo me first and I’ll be delighted to set that up.

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