Loaded Baked Potato Salad

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Servings: 6
  • About This Recipe

    “This is a dish my family and friends ask me to bring to potluck/cook-outs! NEVER any left to bring home! (my sister brings a bowl to take what MIGHT be left) Taste great hot out of the oven or “room temperature””


  • 8potatoes, cubed( half peeled or half with skin)
  • 2teaspoonssalt
  • 6slicesbacon, diced & crisp cooked
  • 6green onions
  • 2cupscheddar cheese, shredded
  • 16ouncessour cream
  • 1/4 teaspoonpepper
  • 1cupMiracle Whip
  • Directions

  • Cube and boil potatoes with salt.
  • Drain.
  • Crumble bacon and slice onions (including tops).
  • Combine sour cream, pepper and Miracle Whip.
  • Add to potatoes.
  • Add bacon, onions and cheese (reserve some of each for top).
  • Mix with potatoes.
  • Pour into baking dish.
  • Top with reserved cheese, onions, and bacon.
  • Bake 350 for 10-15 minutes (until cheese melts).
  • Reviews

  • “I wasn’t real sure what to do about this one.I have the exact same recipe with one difference.So, I have decided not to post mine.Here is my difference – I don’t bake mine.I mix it up and serve it cold, the ingredients are all the same.It is my husband’s favorite potato salad.So either way – it works.Bake it if you have time or try it my way and just serve it cold.”

  • “I thought that this was by far the best potato salad I have ever tried. I added mushrooms and some hot pepper too. It was great! Oh ya,I tried it hot and cold, and the hot was better . . . but it was still damn good cold :).”

  • “This was so good! I cut the recipe in half as there are only 2 of us and it still made enough for about 5 hungry people as a side dish.I had no problems with this recipe, it’s perfect!”

  • “The BEST potato salad I have ever had! And the first one I ever made! This was so great, the flavors just worked so well together. This was so much better than traditional potato salad. I did serve it cold, just our preference. Really easy to prepare also. This is DEFINATELY a keeper!”

  • “I made this as my contribution to a Father’s Day cookout at a friend’s house.There were eight really happy dads that loved this salad – went perfect with steak on the grill!I increased the bacon to 10 slices, and used Miracle Whip as stated, which I thought complimented the other ingredients perfectly.Not so sure mayo would have had enough flavor.THANK YOU!
    UPDATED TO ADD:I’ve had to make this so many times now for cookouts, I’ve got the quantity of ingredients to use down pat 🙂 For a disposable 13×9″ foil pan, I use a 5lbs bag of red potatoes (unpeeled), 15 slices pre-cooked bacon, and all other ingedients are multiplied by 1.5.I bake it for 10 minutes, and the consistency is just perfect once cooled, and I serve at room temperature.”

  • “I took this potato salad to my son and daughter-in-law’s party and got rave reviews.I served it cold but am looking forward to the time when I can bake it.A little more work than my last recipe but well worth the effort!”

  • “This was absolutely delicious.I used fat free sour cream, low fat miracle whip, and turkey bacon.It still turned out rich and tasty.I will definitely make this easy dish often.”

  • “I made this for the 4th of July cookathon and it was fantastic.I heated it as directed and also enjoyed it cold.The only thing I altered was the cheese as we use Tex-Mex cheese on our baked potatoes instead of cheddar.It complimented the other flavours well.I will be making this again this weekend for guests and many more times in the future.”

  • “Easy & tastyhot or cold. Thanks for posting. This will be a well cooked recipe in this home, winter or summer.:)”

  • “Easy to make with ingredients I always have at home.My family of three tried it for the first time tonight. I didn’t change the recipe at all and served it hot.One really liked it, one thought it was fair and one didn’t like it at all.”

  • “I served this at a recent party and everyone loved it!I used red skin potatoes and increased the amount of bacon to 10 slices.”

  • “I made this for a Fourth of July celebration.I was a hit. Because I had to make it the night before, I decided to serve it cold.I made sure the potatoes were cool enough when I added the cheese that it did not melt.This is a surefire crowd pleaser”

  • “We loved this. Thanks for a great recipe.
    I wanted to add, we don’t like Miracle Whip, so we use Mayo with great results.”

  • “Excellent recipe! The only changes I made were to double the amount of bacon and use mayo instead of miracle whip.”

  • “This was the best potato salad I have ever tasted.I took it to a cook out and just served it cold.Everyone loved it.I cooked the potatoes first and then cut them up.They’re just easier to peel and cut that way.I also added seasoning salt after I cut them up.”

  • “I need more stars this was AWESOME.Made this for a 4th party and had at least 10-13 people ask me for the recipe. We ate this one cold but i can hardly wait to heat it up.Thanks for the great recipe.”

  • “Took this salad to a reunion…Had some left over…No one asked for the recipe…Although it was good, it wasn’t the best ever…May make this again but there are so many other recipes to try…If this type of review isn’t proper or acceptable, please let me know…”

  • “This is so good!!! I used fat-free sour cream and still found that it tasted so rich that I couldn’t eat very much of it! (That’s a good thing!) Thanks for posting this! :)”

  • “I made this for a big family barbeque at my place and it got rave reviews from everyone, including me!I make the same potato salad my mother did for every get together and it is always requested, I believe it will now be changed to this one!”

  • “FYI – I have made a similar recipe for 25 years called Indiana Potato Salad.Almost the same but uses Velveeta, mayo and regular chopped onion.Also a crowd pleaser.I’m going to try it your way just for a change.”