Lodestone (Magnetite) by earthlightgems

3,50 USD

This is for one-piece of loadstone (magnetite), each one is special and from Coahuila, Mexico. You can wrap it, bead around it, utilize it in your art and much a lot more. They balance about a 1/2 & quot; & quot; to an inch in size.

Loadstone (Magnetite) – is a double iron oxide commonly happening as small, rusty octahedron’s. It exhibits the quality of polarity or magnetism. Magnetite measurements taken sequentially throughout the Atlantic Ocean have revealed that earth’s magnetic field regularly shifts from the north pole to the south pole. Magnetite reinforces the auric field and helps free the body of contaminants. It promotes stability. By stabilizing polarities (yin & yang), it enhances overall recovery and well being along with individual charm. it enhances individual power, and draws in people to the One. It is utilized to charge pyramids and crystal formations when placed at corners. This placement might more than double the grid power. (First chakra)

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