Longevity lock necklace – chrysocolla, quartzite, howlite and karakax jade. by sophinegiam

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Durability Lock (长命 锁) locket, is made of chrysocolla, quartzite, howlite and a Karakax jade pendant. Hand strung and knotted with Chinese nylon cord, end with a lobster clasp. Sculpted pendant is 35x55mm.

This pendant is made suitable for both men and women. It is a charming present for any spiritual practitioner, or a real jade collector, in addition to any seniors. The pendant is really fragile and remains in its raw structure. It is not treated with any surface area finishing. The pendant natural dewy lustre and shine will just established after a duration of contact with the user. And the value of the pendant will certainly grow in accordance to the amount of care its wearer has given through the years. An authentic jade evaluator will certainly then have the ability to price the piece. So not recommended to gift it to any individual that does not know about supporting a karakax stone jade, it would actually be a waste.请 不要 暴 畛 天物.

1. Chrysocolla (8mm)
Is a really stunning stone with much beneficial energy. It is understood as a healing stone where it was utilized for reinforcing the body’s resistance and bringing about calm feelings where there is upset. It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, cool mindset throughout turbulence. It can be used to decrease anxiousness and irritability.

2. Quartzite (8mm)
Is a difficult rock that consists of the hard mineral quartz, it is formed from sandstone.
Sandstone is sand counted on rock. It forms when grains of sand from existing rock or crystals end up being sealed together with time. Sandstone is a stone of imagination. It helps to construct and enhance the cohesiveness and uniformity within relationships. Motivates reality and promotes quality in thought and sight. Sandstone balances one’s reality and helps with ease of movement and change. It dispels abrasiveness of character and promotes caring approval of mankind. Dissuades bad tempers and general grouchiness.

3. Colored howlite (8mm)
Is one of those minerals that is far more famous for copying another mineral than it is in it’s natural state. Natural howlite is always white or gray, it accepts a great polish and it is porcelaneous appeal is exceptionally appealing undyed. Howlite is mainly a calming stone, it will aid in sleeping, relaxing the overactive mind, eases sleeping disorders, and tension relief. Physically it soothes the entire body and launches muscle stress. It eliminates pain produced by tension, and is stated to assist in healing tension associated injuries such as ulcers, heart issues and rashes. Colored to resemble Coral, is stated to take on a few of the esoteric commercial properties of Coral. Although it is not so powerful in its energies as genuine Coral, It assists to peaceful the emotions and to bring peace to within the self.

4. Black Karakax jade (sculpted pendant, 35x55mm)
Also called dark jade, or XinJiang Tattooed jade. It is a nephrite. (新疆 墨玉, 软 玉).
As its Chinese name implied, it is of an extremely dark black ink color. A good piece of Karakax jade is mainly opaque and looks black. It only discloses its attractive green colour under flash light lighting. As shown in the pic, i have lighting from the back to show its natural green. Kindly note that this stone naturally does not have a watery dewy lustre of a Jadeite. It has to be nurtured by the wearer. Kindly note that white specks, chips and fractures are natural stone event and not to be thought about as flaws. Nevertheless, the white specks will certainly not be obvious after the stone has actually developed its natural lustre. This stone is better for a real jade collector, or somebody who know the best ways to support a jade stone (养 玉). It has to remain in a pair of good hands.

4a. Supporting Karakax jade
In the Chinese ancient text, it is stated that human supported jade and jade will supported human in return. Human supported jade for three years and the jade will nurtured the human for life (人 养 玉, 玉 养 人. 人 养 玉 三年, 玉 养 人 一生). Jade will supported human in kind of it’s mystical healing buildings. This jade is more effective to be in contact with our skin. Hold it in our palms and gently buff it. After a specific time period, this stone will gradually reveal a dewy lustre that is nurtured by our warmth and oil. And this natural lustre is irreversible. A well supported stone is very stunning. So each piece will lustre differently depending on it’s owner. This is how the value of the pendant will certainly be increased. Above are just shallow details, there are more into nurturing a jade stone, and it is also thought about a field of expertise. (养 玉 是 一 门 学问.)

4b. Take care of Karakax jade
Nephrite is a fragile and soft stone, it needs tender caring care. It has to be kept in jewelry pouch when not in use to avoid any possible collision, since it is not a difficult stone. And water is bad for this stone, it can not be soaked in any type of liquid. It has to be cleaned carefully with a wet white cloth. Please clean gently to avoid possible scratches. Once more, this stone have to remain in a pair of good hands.

5. Longevity Lock (长命 锁 – chang mìng suo)
Likewise call the long life lock. It is carved with a bat and coins, enclosed within the shape of an ancient Chinese lock. It is an amulet to ensure the extension of health, devoid of injuries and a long prosperity life. It protects once again bad intention, and illness.
The lock – to secure health, all the best and prosperity
Bat (fu 蝠) – has the same pronunciation as ‘best of luck’ (fu 福).
Coin – represent success and status (gui 贵)
The whole meaning of the pendant checked out as long life of great fortune and honorable condition (长命 福贵 锁 -chang mìng fu guì suo)

Longevity lock is likewise an effective amulet and an advantageous present to a brand-new born infant. To secure the child from harm and ensure a long life of excellent health. The child has to use it as an anklet, then as a pendant when turns toddler, to gain from it.

Please keep in mind that this locket is not suitable for children. It is produced adult to elders.

‘Always practice and use your understanding with an excellent heart’, from my cherished instructor.

Adjustable length approx 26 & quot;
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