Loupe Jewelers 30×21- Professional Quality by TheSupplyShack1

6,50 USD Jewlers Loupe 30×21

Stainless-steel Outstanding quality

< br/ > 1-per Expert quality * U.S.A Post Workplace has actually increased
shipping cost to Canada:< br/ >< br/ > Depending on the weight of you purchase if it reviews 8oz, you will have to pay the higher cost for the shipping rate as demonstrated to below. If it goes over 8oz I will send you a link for the payment of the difference and ship after payment is received.
< br/ > * Any shipping overages will be reimbursed.

Post Office has increased shipping cost to Canada:

1oz-8oz = 10.00 usd 9oz-2 pounds=16.73 3 pounds-26.50 4-pounds- 38.68 5-

pounds – 44.95 6-pounds 46.50 can buy on Etsy for TheSupplyShack1