Macall Little Cotton Monster by cottonmonster

58,00 USD

All Little Monsters are unique in shape, however usually measure in between 10-13 & quot; & quot; tall from the top of their ears to their bottoms, with arms measuring about 14-18 & quot; & quot; from finger idea to finger suggestion across their stomaches.

Little Monsters are small sufficient to take with you on all sorts of field journeys but are also content simply hanging out at house, securing your toes while you sleep!

This monster is like no other. All Cotton Monsters are made of recycled clothes, blankets, pjs, sheets and / or fabric residues. Bringing brand-new life to discarded linens of comfort! Each one is hand made with love by Jennifer, without a pattern, so no two are exactly alike! A genuine ONE-OF-A-KIND work of art! (Packed with brand name brand-new premium polyester fiberfill)

* Please bear in mind Cotton Monsters ought to be treated with care, enjoyed gently !! Area clean or hand wash only. They are soft sculptures, not always toys, thus, NOT SUITABLE for babies or hardly any youngsters that prefer to chew on things!

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