Mala Bracelet in Black Onyx and Jade Beads by moondogtreasures

25,00 USD< p class=" description "> Mala Bracelet in Black Onyx and Jade Beads. This is from my new line of infinity mala bracelets, called The Vidya Collection. These malas all contain a wood bead as the master bead.

This mala looks excellent on its own, or layered with several bracelets. For more from the Women’s Mala Bracelet Collection, click this link:

< br/ > A japa mala, or mala, is a set of prayer beads popular in India and Tibet, commonly made from 108 beads. It is used to keep count while reciting, shouting, or mentally repeating a mantra.

It is conventional of Tibetan Buddhism to recite mantras 108 times. Lots of malas have 108 beads, or are also made smaller however are divided into 108 to come up with 18, 21, 27 and 54 bead malas.

Each time you end a round, you reach the stop bead on top. That assists you monitor the number of times you have actually gone around.

This mala bracelet has 18 beads. Bracelet has one bigger wood bead as the expert bead. The beads are strung on clear strong flexible cable which is double-knotted at the end

BEAD SIZE: 8MM< br/ > BRACELET SIZE:. 6 3/4 -7 inches Other sizes offered. Contact seller

Shipping -. Each mala shows up in a gift box with an explanation of a mala rolled into a small scroll (see pictures), is safely packaged, and normally ships the same or next day after your. payment has actually cleared

< br/ > Current feedback for Moondog Treasures:
& quot; & quot; SUPERB to deal with! Fabulous seller! Kept me well notified thru the entire transaction and made a BEAUTIFUL graduation present for my sis. THANK YOU !! A + & quot;

& quot; For more spiritually-inspired fashion jewelry designs, see Hand-made precious jewelry
with a prayerful purpose. Yoga jewelry for females and males, mala bracelets, mantra pendants, and wire-wrapped beaded crosses. Materials include quality gemstones, pmc(precious silver), thai silver and tierra cast silver

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