Mary Magdalene Perfume by TheSageGoddess

32,00 USD< p class="description" > Mary Magdalene is one of the most intriguing figures in history. Couple of ladies carry such a storm of debate as she. She appears frequently in the gospels of the Bible, by those closest to Jesus – each informing tales of her as a constant companion of Jesus. When His Apostles grew mad after she anointed Him with an entire jar of pricey ‘nard (spikenard), Jesus safeguarded her, saying, “It was meant that she ought to conserve this perfume for the day of my burial. You will constantly have the bad among you, however you will not always have me “(John 12: 1-8)

Some believe Mary was the Divine Womanly equivalent to Jesus’s Divine Masculine; it is believed that she was a therapist in her own right, carrying her own effective and powerful understanding of healing through usage of essential oils. There is also proof of her knowledge and practice of tapping into the powers of scent – utilizing the olfactory system – to assist reach knowledge. Lots of scholars believe she brought this knowledge with her to France after she ran away following the death of Jesus.

< br/ > I am deeply motivated by her story, and my desire is for my Mary Magdalene fragrance to embody the essence of sacred anointing as it was practiced throughout the birth of Christianity. This essential blend of spikenard, increased, and myrrh oils is perfectly feminine.

This listing is for one (1)gorgeous black glass roller bottle (10mL) in size, infused with a garnet chipstone. Each bottle is hand poured. Yours will arrive perfectly packaged and ready for your pleasure.

Lovely true blessings of light,
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